On 10/04/2013 18:56, Dianne Ackerman wrote:
In my experience, the 2nd statement will overwrite the first statement unless you use that setptr keyword BANNER NEXT, which will then append a number onto the hold name so that each would have its own unique hold name. -Dianne

The alternative to BANNER NEXT is, iirc KEEP. This will keep the print file open until the next SETPTR, so you will get the two listings one after the other in the same file.

Another trick I used to make extensive use of, every time I used special SETPTR characteristics, I would use a dedicated print channel. iirc it's the first number of the SETPTR command, so I would do SETPTR 1,.... and then do a LIST ON 1 ... command.

The main, very useful, trick behind this was a basic program could scan a file printing 3 or 4 reports in one pass, suchh as a detailed report, a summary report and an error report, without having to cache all the data and save the printing to the end.

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