Oops, yes - sorry for my misleading reply regarding the URIs. Tempui.org is a 
valid placeholder and you don't need to replace it.

Have you tried now SOAPAction and what error do you get then?

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Thanks again David and Symeon for your replies

I thought the SOAPAction was correct but now am not sure.
If I browse to the WSDL schema I see the following spec though.
Would this mean the 'tempuri.org' should be replaced with 'our-dev.domain.com' 
in the WSDL too?

<wsdl:operation name="CreateJob1UserPartyRole">
      <soap:body use="literal"/>
      <soap:body use="literal"/>

I went and checked out the www.webservicex.net site (from the e.g. below) and 
looking in there and comparing to what I had and they seem to be pretty much a 
match except for the domain part of the SOAPAction.

So perhaps I need to look elsewhere? There seems to me to be only 3 variables 
at play here: The URL, the SOAPAction, and the XML request. Given that I've 
just finished fiddling with the URL and SOAPAction with no apparent change in 
the log output I'll turn my attention to the XML ...

One other question is it possible to query the WSDL from UV?


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