Hi Brian:

Built into BDT from Rocket Software is a re-factor option.   I have used
that option a few times in testing and found it to be of limited value,
because there is no way to get all of the code locally.  You must have the
code locally to use re-factoring in Eclipse. I have re-factored code in
Eclipse using the Java Editor.  I found that it does a fairly good job.

In our XLr8Editor I have not put in re-factoring because the Eclipse global
search and replace does an adequate job for changing the source.  I
generally like to see all of the code and make sure it needs to be changed.
 I can copy and paste source to you local work space fairly easily which
solves the local problem for Eclipse.

"Eclipse based tools for the U2 Marketplace"

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>> Hi All
>> I'm doing some intensive work with a large UniVerse site to assist them in
>> migrating their 20 year old code base and working practices to full Agile,
>> XP and TDD. They are really enthusiastic in embracing the modern world and
>> making good progress, but there is a huge amount of legacy code to be
>> cleaned up and test harnessed.
>> So before I spend time possibly reinventing the wheel, does anyone know of
>> any good refactoring tools for UniVerse Basic?
>> Brian
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