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Jeff -

Exactly :)

I mean refactoring as in restructuring old code to make it more testable and
consistent. You find these tools for .NET, java and other languages though
there the model is different because of the OO nature. Universe code doesn't
decompose down the same way but I was just wondering whether anyone had
built some assisting tools before I have to start designing and building

Example, an slice through a program that mixes UI and business logic to rip
out the useful guts into external subroutines for unit testing whilst
preserving the overall logic safely. Which means the tool needs at least a
rudimentary understanding of code syntax and scope rather than just
stripping lines out. (e.g. this block sets a local variable as a by-product,
that also just happens to be used 5,000 lines later on in a GoSub so it
needs to be surfaced if the block is externalized - that kind of stuff that
could easily get lost).

I've written plenty of code analysis software but not specifically for this.



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Code refactoring is a "disciplined technique for restructuring an existing
body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external
behavior",[1] undertaken in order to improve some of the nonfunctional
attributes of the software. Advantages include improved code readability and
reduced complexity to improve the maintainability of the source code, as
well as a more expressive internal architecture or object model to improve

My translation:
Remove the spaghetti without changing functionality.

*Wjhonson wrote:
Perhaps by "refactoring" you mean just to make the code more consistent.

Yes and no.  Decompiling the object code, will enforce consistency,
however at the expense of readability.
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Hi All

I'm doing some intensive work with a large UniVerse site to assist
them in migrating their 20 year old code base and working practices to
full Agile, XP and TDD. They are really enthusiastic in embracing the
modern world and making good progress, but there is a huge amount of
legacy code to be cleaned up and test harnessed.

So before I spend time possibly reinventing the wheel, does anyone
know of any good refactoring tools for UniVerse Basic?


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