Try a different file, that A) you have just created and B) you know certainly 
is not being used.
I don't think the "bit" is the issue here.  I think that's just a message like 
"can't GET the file...."




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Subject: [U2] Unidata RESIZE CONCURRENT

I'm attempting some experiments with RESIZE CONCURRENT on Unidata 7.3.3 
(RedHat) but failing miserably.

I didn't think there was any configuration I needed to enable before 
using CONCURRENT, perhaps I'm misunderstanding the error message:

H08.FACULTY.WL.SNAP is a synonym, real name is 
Resize Concurrent Continue/Restore failed because the RESIZE_CONCURRENT 
bit was not set on the file.

I've read all the manuals and cannot find anything referencing the 
"RESIZE_CONCURRENT bit".  Any insight appreciated...

Jeffrey Butera, PhD
Associate Director for Application and Web Services
Information Technology
Hampshire College

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