Devcom was a spin-off from Escom Seattle and was also involved in building
the original version of Revelation.


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Anthony I'd be very surprised if the DevCom code was created that way.
My understanding, and I'm willing to be corrected, was that the DevCom code
was built independently
(And thanks for those who jogged my memory)
As a Pick-*like* implementation.

And the lawsuit wasn't so much a "they stole our code from us", as an "looks
like a duck" lawsuit.
So I don't think the DevCom folk worked for or with Dick at all when they
developed that code.




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On 29/04/13 19:25, Jerry Banker wrote:
> Prime Information was originally developed by Devcom I'm not sure what the

name was at that time but I do know that Prime Computers bought them out and

bought the rights from Pick to develop independently. Prime became a
powerhouse with the product at one time encompassing almost 50% of the
business in the US. From what I heard Vmark was a group of users of Prime 
Information that decided to go UNIX so they developed UniVerse borrowing
much of 
the expertise from Prime to build a product that would ride on UNIX instead
Primos, Prime's operating system. They even took over some of the offices
Prime had on Speen Street. When Prime went under, don't ask why, at the end
the 80's, early 90's, Vmark bought Prime Information.

Actually, I don't think Pr1me bought the right to develop independently.

iirc, the group developing GIRLS (Public Domain, btw, as all software
developed for the US gov then was) split in two, with Dick forming Pick
Systems as one half. The Devcom guys then split off from the other half
and were sued (like pretty much everyone else) by Dick. The lawsuit then
concluded that the Devcom guys had as much rights as the Pick guys (bear
in mind also, that Devcom was a re-implementation, not a derivative).

Which is why Pick Systems ended up picking off and taking over all the
derivative versions, but not the re-implementations.

I wasn't aware of INFORMATION owning a large chunk of the US market,
after all, they were up against Oracle and DB2 in their own back yard,
but it was Pr1me Australia that licenced PI from Devcom, and they ended
up pretty much owning the Aussie market. I didn't think they bought
Devcom out - Devcom might have turned into Revelation, but they did buy
the (joint) copyright to PI. Again iirc, I think the deal was joint
copyright, co-develop, PI on Pr1me and Devcom elsewhere.

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