On 07/05/13 23:23, Bill Haskett wrote:
> Dale:
> Be careful with this if running UniData.  Here are some UDT.OPTIONS
> documentation:
> Normally, if an OCONV or ICONV conversion fails due to invalid data or
> an invalid conversion code, UniData returns the input string.

This is what INFORMATION did.

> BASICTYPE P, if you turn on UDT.OPTIONS 56, UniData returns an empty
> string.
> ON
> If this option is on, UniData returns an empty string when an OCONV or
> ICONV conversion fails. Note: For compatibility with most PickĀ® systems,
> turn this option on.

This is how - I believe - all systems based on true Pick code behaved.

> If this option is off, UniData returns the original string when an OCONV
> or ICONV conversion fails.
> I've been bitten by this in the past.  :-(

The option was introduced in UV and UD because the two main codebases
(PI and Pick) had these different behaviours.

I've got bitten by a similar-but-different behaviour. Dunno how, but I
fed a number like 9012 into a date ICONV, and wondered why I got a truly
weird result. I think I was trying to convert an internal date for
display and got my ICONV and OCONV mixed up ...

> Bill

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