These stats are given to us via our partners. Some of their names you have 
already hit on the head, others included companies like Ellucian with a huge 
part of the North America Higher Ed market, Hitech Systems with 
government/emergency services, Zafire with airlines, P2 with energy, etc. We 
have quite a few vendors who are very large and successful players in their 
respective verticals.


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In the "View from the Top by Andy Youniss", he list the following;
40% of US institutions of higher education 80% of Mexico’s emergency response 
systems 70% of North America’s largest independent insurance agencies 80% of 
automobile dealerships in North America 55% of Fortune 100 companies 50% of the 
top 400 energy-products companies
Except for the Fortune 100 companies, it would seem that the others might be 
using packaged software.
A list of these packages might be interesting.
I'm not disputing the numbers but some explanation of how they were calculated 
would be nice to know.
I have a vague idea about the auto dealers and higher education but not the 
others. I think this illustrates the "I never heard of Pick/multi-value 
software" comments we hear a lot of because the database is "hidden" from the 
BTW, maybe auto parts and many other wholesalers and retailers should be added 
to this list.
Just my 2 cents,

Don Robinson

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Subject: [U2] Recognition for Rocket and Rocket's U2 in dual rankings today!

If you haven't seen it already, U2 got dual mentions today in top ranks.

First: The UniData and UniVerse databases from Rocket Software have been listed 
for the first time in the database ranking site DB-Engines, making 45/169 (top 
27%)  on debut.

Second: Rocket has been listed in the 'DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most 
in Data' with a big mention of the U2 databases from our CEO, Andy Youniss.


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