In Universe the modifier "SAMPLED nn" selects every nn'th record.  For
example, SELECT MYFILE SAMPLED 50 selects every 50th record.  That way
you plow thru the entire file but come back with only  1/50 of the
records.   I don't know if this keyword exists in Unidata
Harold Oaks
Clark County, WA

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I have several *very* large files on which I need to perform some file
sizing diagnostics.  Rather than repeatedly running HASH.AID against
these files is there a good way to sample say 2-3 million records to
copy into a test file?  SAMPLE will only grab the first n records in
hash order and I'm thinking that would not necessarily be a good
representative sample of the file's contents.  Am I up in the night
thinking this is the case?  Is there a better way to get a good sample
of records for this purpose?


Perry Taylor
Senior MV Architect
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