True, you might need mv-handling subrs for mv fields. Which are always fun. (I hate to concede that correlatives might actually be better at something, but I do wish there were a way to write a variation of an I-descriptor where you could code single value logic, with the value looping implied, like *cough* correlatives do. There, I said it. It's in writing. On the internet.)

But, Martin, the method does NOT fail if you have multiple I-descriptors. It did on PI, but not on UV. UV uses seperate @-buffers for each I-descriptor, insulating i-descriptors from each other.
I don't think the method works on UD at all.
Tongue firmly in cheek, where it still hurts from biting it praising correlatives: The downside is you can't do fancy things like pass information between I-descriptors via @-buffers like you could on PI. That kind of i-descriptor hotshot programming was excellent for job security because no one else had a hope of deciphering it. When I was young I explored the outer limits before settling on a reasonable mix of when to write a subroutine and when to do everything in native I-descriptor line 2. I wonder how long it took Lynden to undo some of that after I left? (Be gentle now, Rick.)

George's remarks about presorting are spot-on.

For breakpoints: @NB, & TOTAL() with keyword CALC are your friends. They should be in everyone's RetrieVe & uniQuery repertoire.


On 7/2/2013 3:48 PM, Martin Phillips wrote:

Simpler than my approach but it fails with multivalues or with queries that 
have other I-types in them.


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