Is it possible to just put the uniobjects dll on a system without installing it? I am working on a "home" project where I
have an android app call a web service to get UV data from my linux server.

I have a hosted system running windows server and I am working on a c# web service that will receive data and pass it to a subroutine (via uniobjects) on my linux box. I have it working locally on my home test system (windows 2003 with uniobjects installed) but I would like to move it to my ISP, I have an email in to them to ask if they could install uniobjects and they are looking into it but I was wondering if they just put the dll somewhere I can reference it, if it would work (in case they say no).

I may try creating a VM and trying it but I was hoping that someone on here would know if it would work or if it has to be installed.



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