I kind of figured. :-) Whatever you decide, I'm sure would be fine. I would just not look for anything "free", because nothing is "free".

I run everything on Windows because everything in the O/S is updated and I know every machine I run is running the same version of Windows. It seems when Windows updates I have very few problems with the software I'm running on the machine. Surprisingly, this makes my life a lot easier. IIS is easy to install, and 3rd party SFTP is too, with virtual accounts as act like real Windows accounts.

Although I run UniData, I think UniVerse is just as stable on Windows as it is on ..nix. Although you may have specific reasons to run on ..nix I would think "free" shouldn't be one of them.

Just a thought.


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Hi Bill -- Ah, this time I'm in the client seat, desiring a hosted solution
for Universe. We will choose the same box for starters for the web server
as well. The VAR runs IIS on Windows, but Apache on linux. Given that info,
which OS would you select for Universe 11.1?   --dawn

On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 12:28 PM, Bill Haskett <wphask...@advantos.net>wrote:

Are you saying your client wouldn't pay $750 for Windows Server 2008 R2?
  ...and you actually get paid?  :-)


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*Subject:* [U2] CentOS with Universe?

  We have a VAR who would prefer to load Universe and their application on a
supported platform, but we would prefer not to pay for RHEL 6. I searched
the list and found a few tidbits, but does anyone have a good list of what
changes might be required to successfully run Universe 11.1 on CentOS? How
much pain would we be introducing for ourselves and our VAR, if they were
willing to play along?

Thanks.  --dawn

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