We've been having an anomaly that has occurred over the past 7 years we've been using UniData on Windows.

Yesterday one of the accounts on our ASP server, that contains about 30 accounts, had a billing issue. This issue was created because a single BASIC program didn't run a couple of lines of code, thus a particular type of charge wasn't created for anyone on this account. The BASIC code is compiled in an "application" account then cataloged locally in each account (a pointer to the program file exists on every account).

When I make a copy of this particular account, then run the offending program in it, I see the same problem. When I put a DEBUG statement (in the offending program) just above where I suspect the problem occurs, recompile then rerun it, there is no problem. After futzing around with placing the DEBUG statement in several different locations, with no further issue, I remove the DEBUG statement and finally re-compile the offending program. I've changed nothing in the program, but it now works. This particular program runs maybe 250,000 billings every month with nothing wrong happening. In fact, I haven't seen this problem in this billing program for the past seven years, which means that maybe over 20 million transactions have been created with no issues.

This happens about once every six months or so on one BASIC program or another, where I look at an offending program, see something like five lines of code writing to five different files, and the issue is the last two lines didn't execute. When I put a DEBUG into the program everything works fine. When I remove the DEBUG statement and recompile everything works fine from then on.

Has anyone else seen this? Maybe there's something I should do to prevent this.

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