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"...the object code became corrupt due to a system crash."  That sounds 
plausible.  Our systems rarely go down, but they do get rebooted with 
Windows Updates.  UO connections often fail, then get picked up.  Telnet 
often freezes or aborts (mostly client issues) then they log in again.  
Then there's ...

It's always something...and these moron kids think everything works just 
fine (because they haven't lived long enough to see it not work).  :-)

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*Subject:* Re: [U2] [UD] BASIC Code Failing
> I just remembered another situation I saw once where a program behaved 
> strangely. When we used the command to verify the object code 
> (BVERIFY?) it didn't verify. A recompile fixed it because the object 
> code became corrupt due to a system crash.
> Sometimes you can have the same thing happen, but in the catalog space.
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> On 7/25/2013 1:36 PM, Woodward, Bob wrote:
>> I agree with Tony.  I once had a program that my fix was just adding a
>> "JUNK = 0" line near the top of the program.  With that do-nothing line
>> the program worked.  Comment the line out or remove it completely and
>> the program seemed to skip lines of code.
>> This was a LONG time ago, though.
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>> Bill, at Pick Systems we occasionally saw issues like this, where the
>> object code would behave differently if specific statements (their
>> opcodes/tokens) were broken across frame boundaries. Until DBMS patches
>> become available, the problem could be avoided with some
>> carefully-placed NULL statements. I've seen this with RPL too, for
>> exactly the same reasons. I know nothing of U2 internals but the
>> internals are of course similar. Unfortunately without a confirmed
>> cause/effect scenario defined by engineers, it's a crap shoot as to
>> whether inserting NULLs will help, or where they can be inserted to
>> ensure they work.
>> I suggest you contact Rocket and ask them to pursue this as a byte-level
>> issue in your object code. Sending them the code might not help if they
>> test in an environment that's different from your own.
>> They need to see it on your system. I'm just trying to save you some
>> wasted diagnostic time...
>> Best,
>> T
>>> From: Bill Haskett
>>> ... a single BASIC program didn't run a couple of lines of code...
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