On 07/26/2013 04:37 PM, Charlie Noah wrote:

I think Bob may have a good troubleshooting technique here. It would be simple to eliminate causes. Line 107 has a couple of potential problems:


I have seen these 3 situations in more than 1 MV implementation/flavor -

1. If POLREC<6> is null, an empty value won't be inserted, throwing associated values out of sync. Fix by prefixing or suffixing POLREC<6> with a character that won't be in the data, then converting it out later.
POLREC<6> is the unit price of the line item. When it was entered earlier or just now on the fly, my input routine required numeric and I filter for unprintables. So they can't get to receiving without a numeric price, though it could be zero.

2. INSERT sometimes doesn't like delimited source. Fix by moving POLREC<6> to a variable and inserting that.
I can try this.  The intermittence is still troubling.

3. If POLREC<6> has multivalues itself, that presents a whole different problem. Check it first.

Should not be possible unless I've stepped on it through miscoding in some other programs.

All these things can be checked in a little test program in just a few minutes, and a safer coding technique used.



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