Interesting issue popped up a couple of days ago with Accuterms WED.  We have a 
program calling a subroutine that wraps to the next line:
         01, 22, CMDPROMPT, 'QEGIA', 59 )
When I formatted the program in WED it added a space after the 01 on the next 
line.  At least I assume it's a space because the Universe editor does not show 
any other characters with an ^.   This caused me to be blown out of universe - 
still not sure why yet- with a segmentation fault.
01 ,22,CMDPROMPT,'QEGIA',59)
Removed the space and everything works fine. Curious if anybody has seen this 
activity or had the same thing happen to them?

Ron Bertrand | ANALYST,AP SYS 3
ISD, Group Health Cooperative


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