You know, I'd have no problem updating documentation to a "wiki" site, where I know all documentation would go and I could continue to reference the documentation in the future. The "Pickwiki" is a little disorganized, but since I do most of my database work with U2 I'd be happy to update anything to a "wiki" they provide.

The biggest problem I see is the changing technology. Everything changes, including wikis! Simple is always better, and since we're all developers to one degree or another, we don't need a completely idiot-proof environment; just someone at U2's end who can keep us idiots in line and keep the site organized.

Just my $.02.  :-)


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The problem is not whether you need a wiki or not.  The problem is the
documentation is terrible and in most cases non-existent. A year ago at U2
University a majority of us discussed this with the "board" of Rocket U2.
  The agreed with us they would fix this and show some examples as well.

Well, here we are a year and many months later with the same problem.  New
users and non-eclipse users cannot figure out how this tool works.

Since U2logic is a U2 VAR, U2logic does get paid to tell our clients how to
use this tool and the others.  However, since the tools are given away by
Rocket there is little money in the pot for any meaningful help.

"Better documentation for our XLr8 Tools"
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