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We have a client with 6,000 dictionaries items and they have no performance
problems  If the dictionary is sized correctly, there generally is no
performance hit.  However, editing it with some tools is a pain because it
takes quite a long time to read them.

"XLr8Dictionary Editor for large dictionary editing"

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 9:08 PM, jeffrey Butera <jbut...@hampshire.edu>wrote:
>> I'm curious how large of a DICTionary some of you have worked with and,
>> in particular, how very large DICTs can adversely affect applications.
>> We have a DICT approaching 1500 data elements (no idescs)  - which is
>> quite large for us.  But I'm curious if others have DICTs this large or
>> larger and have no adverse affect on their application performance.
>> This is Unidata 7.3.4 if it matters.
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