I am creating a simple screen.  Two fields.  The Before Process in the 
Definition defines @KEY, reads @RECORD and loads @RECORD<6> into @WORK<1> which 
is displayed on the screen (lines of text).

@WORK<1> is a multivalue field.  The Before Process invokes the text editior.  
The user is allowed to manipulate text.

When the user presses F2 to exit the text editor and goes to the second field 
and the length of the MV field is displayed and if it is greater than 350 it 
displays an error and returns the user to the field to shorten it.  Once things 
are good it will write the new field to the file (WRITEV) and exit the screen.

Everything works in character mode.  The text field displays, etc.  However, it 
GUI the text field is blank.  REGEN.GUI does nothing to fix the problem.

Any ideas.

Albert DeWitt, CPIM
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