Hi Bernard,

Which version of UniVerse are you using to submit the request?

In the 10.3 documentation it states:
"Only Basic authentication is supported. Digest authentication may be supported 
in the future. Basic authentication is not safe and is not recommended for use 
with transferring secured data."
I have looked in the 11.1 documentation of "setRequestHeader" and the above 
condition is not stated.

An alternative would be to SH -c to a cURL and use the --ntlm parameter and 
submit the request "outside" of UV ?



Brian Whitehorn
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Has anyone been able to send a request using the UniVerse submitrequest() 
function to a server that only supports NTLM authentication?

If so, can you please tell me what type of adjustment is required to the 
header?.  Using the 
setrequestheader(RequestHandle,"Authorization","userid:password") results in 
basic Authorization.


Bernard Lubin

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