Not sure where to toss this into this thread so I'll start at the
beginning. I wanted to see the solutions that would be offered. I
blogged on exactly this topic back in 2008. The solution I published
for D3 uses @environment variables to allow us to do inner queries
with a tiny bit of simple and reusable code, no dict items, no work
files, and no save-lists. Perhaps someone can describe the
UD/UV-specific equivalents so that we can accomplish this here using
similar methods? I'll be happy to add the U2 solution to the blog for
future reference.

Tony Gravagno   
Nebula Research and Development         

> From: Hilk, Brandon 
> UniVerse 10.1, HP/UX, Pick.
> Is there a way I can build a save-list from a selection from one
> X.INFO (where the record ID is an 8 digit number) and use that list
> select from file Y.INFO (where that 8 digit number is not the record
> but does exist as a "foreign key" elsewhere in the file). In SQL
> would be considered a join and would look something like this:
> select *
> from X.INFO, Y.INFO
> where
> and X.INFO.status='ccc';
> I can run this in TCL and have it return the results I want but
can't build
> a save-list from it because I don't know the UniVerse/SQL syntax to
> so.
> So to summarize, is there a way to use a save-list built from X.INFO
> make another save-list comprised of the record ID's from Y.INFO?

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