Daniel's post reminded me that I should probably qualify my original
post by adding that you have to take special precautions when using 3rd
party replication software with U2.  Specifically, it's not safe to have
overflow in hashed files because the overflow pointer and overflow data
require two separate writes to disk.  If a failover occurs when only one
of the two writes has been completed, you'll likely end up with a
corrupted file.  I've eliminated this issue in our environment by
keeping all hashed files sized to have no overflow and only using
dynamic files for temporary report data.  This probably isn't feasible
in a lot of environments.


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We've been using LifeKeeper from SIOS to replicate UV for around 10
years.  I think it's now been rebranded as "Protection Suite":


It can run on Linux or Windows.  We're running UV 10.2.7 on RH EL 5.1.

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