Hi Will - great question. As you've noted, Audit Logging is one of the new 
features coming out with UV 11.2, but not available in the Public Beta.

As there are only a few events that are always on, I don't believe any site 
will run into that issue. The always on events are:

A system-level configuration changed, such and a uvconfig, audit configuration, 
replication configuration change, and so forth.

SQL GRANT, REVOKE, future security operations.

Automatic Data Encryption operations: master key, key store, key creation, key 
deletion, file encryption, index encryption, password related operations.

Starting or stopping of UniVerse background processes, such as U2Rep services.

It is hard to conceive (although granted, not impossible) a site managing to 
run out of disk-space through the logging of those events.


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Reading the first part, regarding the Auditing, it appears that if a site 
ignores the auditing entirely and progresses along with their normal activity, 
*that*, ignoring that auditing, which is on and cannot be turned off, will 
eventually result in their system halting and being unstartable.  Am I mistaken?

However the introduction of "local subroutines" is certainly a game changer for 
many of us.
That along might be worth the upgrade hassle.




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Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that Rocket is doing its first ever public beta for 
UniVerse v11.2. As our first public beta, this will be a learning experience 
for us. We will use this experience to shape how we conduct subsequent public 

This will be a Personal Edition, so while it won't enable you to play with all 
the new features currently being tested in our private beta, you will get to 
see some significant new additions. It has the same restrictions of our regular 
personal edition that can be found here: 

So, before I mention the new features, some quick housekeeping. While we learn 
about how much interest a public beta will generate, we want to prevent 
overwhelming our support team as to not affect customers. To this end, will 
accept bugs and regressions via our u2supp...@rs.com email channel with the 
following guidelines:

        1) All issues submitted to u2supp...@rs.com need to have the subject 
v11.2 Public Beta"
        2) Rocket requires any regressions not associated with new features to 
be confirmed not to exist in the current UniVerse v11.1 Personal Edition
        3) Rocket will record issues sent in via a bug tracking system, but 
will not respond to the reporter unless further clarification is required.

Some of the new features you can expect to see UniVerse v11.2 (that you can 
play with in the Personal Edition) are:

        1) Local subroutines & functions
        2) Additions to XDOM, such as XDOMQuery
        3) XML support in U2 Dynamic Objects
        4) Compiler DEFINES to enable condition compile basic on database type 
and version
                $IFDEF U2_UNIVERSE
                $IFDEF U2_UNIVERSEv11
                $IFDEF U2_UNIVERSEv11.2
        5) 64-bit Windows Port
        6) SHA-256 support
                stat = DIGEST("SHA256",data,DATA__STRING,result)
        7) nbasic returns exit code 1 for success, 0 for failure
        8) New compiler directive $DIM.IN.SUB to support redimensioning in 
        9) CLEARCOMMON /named/ now supported.

Note: As mentioned before, this is only a subset of the new features that will 
be released for UniVerse v11.2. Keep a look out for the official release of 
UniVerse v11.2 later this year were you can find out everything!

Downloads for Windows Personal Edition:
        32bit PE: 
        64bit PE: 

Part of our private beta documentation to help with local subroutines, XDOM 
changes and XML support in U2 Dynamic Objects:

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and will be working to post 
examples for some of these on our GitHub site: 

As a starting point, you can find 2 example implementations of an HMAC function 
using local functions here: 


Dan McGrath
Managing Director, U2 Servers Lab
Rocket Software
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