U2 Training and Consultancy Services

Best known as the developers of the OpenQM multivalue database, Ladybridge 
Systems also provides on-site training and consultancy
services to QM and U2 sites in the UK at highly competitive prices.

We were contracted by VMark, Ardent Software, Informix and IBM to deliver their 
standard U2 courses at their UK training centre.
Alongside this, we have our own course materials that have been used to deliver 
on-site courses to U2 clients of all sizes.

Our courses follow a modular design and elements can be combined to form 
bespoke courses that meet your specific requirements.
Training in additional topics can also be arranged.
The most popular two course packages are summarised below. Visit 
www.ladybridge.org/training.htm for more details of these and other

UniVerse/Unidata Introduction (3 or 4 day versions) 
• The multivalue data model
• The command environment
• The file system. File types and sizing
• The editor
• The VOC file
• Dictionaries: D, A and S-type records
• Dictionaries: I-type records
• Query processing
• Alternate key indices
• The VOC file: Paragraph development
• Menus (four day format only)
• Database design exercise (four day format only)

UniVerse/Unidata Programming (5 days) 
• The multivalue data model
• Language use and structure
• Variables, statements and functions
• Terminal handling
• Conditional execution and looping
• File handling
• Data conversion and formatting
• Data manipulation: string functions
• Data manipulation: dynamic arrays
• Matrix file i/o
• Select lists
• External subroutines
• Command execution
• Alternate key indices
• User written functions
• I-type execution
• Printing
• Sequential files
• The debugger

Please email train...@ladybridge.com to discuss training options or to book a 
course. For consultancy quotations, please email

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