Yes, when I setup the server, I added each user and manually assigned them the 
uid/gid from the other server,

This way when I overlay the data from the other system, everything works as 
planned (at least I keep telling
Myself that).


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On 09/10/13 16:59, George Gallen wrote:
> No, it's not - it's a 0.
> But...I didn't have it set to 1 on the old server either, and it worked.
> If I change it.....I assume I would need to bring UV down and restart?
> What I essentially do is I backup the /uv directory on the old system,
> Did a fresh install of UV on the new server, then overwrite the /uv directory
>>From the old system 

Are your user numbers the same on the new system as the old - check who
owns the files by listing them on the machine the disk is physically in.

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