Perry,  you could just teach it instead.

Actually, there's some significant changes in user management at 11.1.
It looks like the Unidata-based Data Replication is pretty tightly integrated.
There are some new logs, but that's pretty straightforward.
I think I took an internals class back at maybe 9.6 or so. I'd like to to take it again.


On 10/25/2013 8:25 PM, Perry Taylor wrote:
I've signed up for it a couple of times in the past only to have it cancelled 
due to lack of participation :(

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I believe the "internals" class you are referring to is now called "UV910 - Universe 
theory and practice".  I've included a link, but it doesn't look like they are offering it 
anytime soon.


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Does anyone know if the UniVerse internals class is being offered anymore?  It 
something that I've always wanted to attend, but I was never able to get approved.  I 
think I can get it approved now, but it seems like the course isn't being taught 
anymore.  If it's not available, is there any option to get the course materials?  
I've tried reaching out to<> and haven't 
gotten any response.

On a somewhat similar topic, does anyone know anything about U2 UniVersity?  
The information on their web page ( 
is a little out of date, mentioning University 2012.  Nothing about 2013 or 


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