You don't say what version of Universe you are on but if it is 10.n then the 
default http version is 1.0 most web services I have accessed need version 1.1 
so you will need to use :-

STATUS = setHTTPDefault("VERSION", "1.1")

At 11.n it looks like the default version has been changed to 1.1


 From: Richard Lewis <>
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Sent: Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 22:42
Subject: Re: [U2] Web Services at Universe 11.n

Yes, as I said, I've tested with curl and it works perfectly.  The problem
I have is not being able to clearly/cleanly see the raw text being sent by
the uv functions, in order to determine the difference in what curl sends
(success) and what the uv functions send (failure).  There may be certain
idiosyncratic parsing involved in the service I am trying to consume, but I
have no control over that.  With curl I can see the entire conversation if
the logging is set correctly.  With the uv functions, even with the highest
logging level, it doesn't appear that the logging is actually that complete
and exact.  I have never had the impression that it was.

I would love to be able to do it all in uv, but I only have control over
half of the conversation, and with the uv functions, I seem to have a bit
less than half.


On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 2:12 PM, Symeon Breen <> wrote:

> That means you where probably missing a header.   http is just a text
> conversation, if the same headers are passed as passed with curl it will
> work. You can test using curl, or even better with telnet.
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> I've recently been tasked with accessing a webservice, and couldn't get a
> valid response from the webservice.  It kept not recognizing the headers
> that were sent, and with the maximum logging set on the uv side, it looked
> like everything was being sent just fine, but the webservice still failed
> it.  I switched to using curl, and it all worked perfectly.
> Richard Lewis
> On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Oaks, Harold
> <>wrote:
> > I've been telling my boss that if we upgraded to Universe 11.23, we can
> > implement web services.   (We're currently on 10.2)
> > But,  finally looking in detail at the appropriate manual  (Universe
> > Web Services Developer) it seems that one can publish a web service
> > easily enough so that Universe data can be gotten, but I don't see
> > that the other side is implemented, where one accesses an external web
> > service and brings back data into Universe.  Am I missing the something?
> >
> > What are any of you using to fully implement web services with an
> > underlying Universe environment?
> > Thanks-
> > Harold Oaks
> > Sr. Analyst/Programmer
> > Clark County, WA
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