We use UniData/HPUX w/ SB and Redback.  We are running Epicor's Avanté which 
uses iConnect.
For arguments sake, I have 3 UniData accounts: TEST, PILOT & LIVE.
I have 3 web sites (TEST, PILOT & LIVE) that connect as you would expect.
3-4 weeks ago, a change was made in Sales Order Entry in SB.  I had to make a 
minor tweak for this to work via the web sites.  All was good with all three 
web sites.
Due to unrelated issues, our TEST account has a temporary stand-alone copy of 

Other people on my team have made a few changes in SB Sales Order Entry and 
asked that I verify that the web site still worked.  One change was in TEST and 
another (untested) one was in PILOT.  Order Entry was now failing on both web 
sites, but LIVE was still working.  The change in PILOT was unrolled, but we 
still had the problem.

The actual error we are getting in the Redback log is "II RECORD CORRUP! - 

If the problem were only in TEST, I would blame my local copy of DMSECURITY.  
Since the problem is also in PILOT but NOT in LIVE (which share the standard 
DMSECURITY file), this tells me it is not the DMSECURITY file, but rather 
something that is local to each account.

Has anyone seen this before?  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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