Not sure if this helps anyone...

There is an I DESC that we usually put in the DICT of most files.
Usually, when you go to use it, it hadn't been entered, while not difficult to 
enter - just a pain.

I tried to put the IDESC in VOC, but I wasn't able to compile it
I was able to put it in the VOC of VOC - which compiled - but wasn't usable 

So....In order to get an IDESC to be used globally (at least globally within 
that account).

You must...

1.       Enter the IDESC into the VOC of VOC

2.       Compile the IDESC

3.       COPY from the VOC VOC to VOC

Now it's usable on any file without having to add it

Funny, if you want to add a D type DICT , you only need to put it in VOC,
But , with I DESC, the problem is compiling it - you can only compile in the 
   Then you have to copy it into VOC for it to be usable.

Like I said...If it helps...great,   If not - move on.


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