How about making a copy of the cd/dvd to an iso and installing from that?

Somewhere in *nix land where it's easier to mount and use the cd...
# dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/var/tmp/uv.iso bs=8000

transport the resulting ISO to your HPUX machine
# mount -F lofs /some/dir/to/uv.iso /tmp/mount

You should then be able to cd to /tmp/mount and run the cpio command as root 
(or uvadm?) and follow the install instructions for hpux.
# cpio -ivcBdum uv.load < ./STARTUP
# ./uv.load -longnames


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1. I am having some problems trying to get to first base.
2. There is this cpio command.
3. Is it necessary to install from a CD or DVD?
4. I would rather install from FTP'd files.
5. Mounting the media is a hassle... so is CDFS on a DVD.
6. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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