Hi Everyone,

Always a pleasure to read the useful advice and varying personalities on
this list.

Generally we are using SB+ account.  There will be many multi-value field
available in files, How to list specific Multi values of a field in
specific file .

For example:-

CUSTOMER FILE contains fields like
1. CUSTOMER.NAME <http://customer.name/>  (single value)
2. CUSTOMER.SALARY (single value)

1. JOHN (Cust name with single value)
2. 70$/hr (Cust salary with single value)
3. 123454ý 655656ý 767787ý 87887 (Cust Ph No with Multi value)

General to list specific field we use LIST CUSTOMER F3.

How to list 3rd position of 3rd field of CUSTOMER file.

Could any one of you can please let me know

Thank you,
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