On 1/6/14, 7:08 PM, McGowan, Ian wrote:
We're looking into a major conversion late this year, which will involve 
checking out several thousand programs (mostly opens, reads or writes).  Some 
programs are run many times a day, whereas some were throwaway and haven't been 
touched in years.  It would be great to get some sense of which ones are active.

We unfortunately don't have a wrapper program, wondering if anyone has run into 
this before - is it possible to somehow log when a program is executed in 
Unidata?  Any magic triggers, directory flags or other audit flags that can get 
turned on?

Can I assume you're not excited about inserting some logging code into each program simply do to the number of pieces to edit? We have done this programatically with all paragraphs and I image the same approach would be possible with programs.

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