Old style Pick used these sort of options, Universe tends to shun them instead 
using things like DET-SUPP in place of just D

Surprising sets of options there.
Try to sample the file and execute the select without ANY of these options and 
see what you get.

I suggest these are throwaways from a day when your client was not on Universe 
at all, but rather on some earlier thing like mvBase

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Subject: Using a "(" at the end of a Select statement

        Working with Universe Select statements I found one with (RSD at the 
end of it.

I need to do the same select, but I want to confirm if I the (RSD is needed or 

I've been looking for any ref to this with no luck so I thought I ask you folks.

Thanks for any help on this.                    
                                I used to be an Optimist until I knocked over 
the glass.                        
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