Can't agree more. You'd think it would be easy to simply index your help site, place a search box on each page, then let people search for anything...but alas. [sigh] This is so difficult that we all ignore it and open our sites up to search engines. I did it on Microsoft one time and what a nightmare that was. :-)

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Charles, your point is well taken.  I am on the site alot, and have the
same struggles finding what I need.
The other day I was searching for a specific Tech bulletin .... the exact
number, and it wouldn't find it.

R. Baker Hughes
Senior UV DBA, Wipro/NMG

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The question was "Why can't it be easy to find?"
not "Where is it?"

Searching Rocket website is difficult.

The other day someone on this list was searching for Tech support
Survivor's guide.
Did he find it?  We were told he needed a 2UBC login to get to it.  Not
for the riffraff.

Try finding Mark Baldridge's "Hitchhiker's Guide To UniVerse", which
should be required reading.
Go to  homepage & enter some variants of
      "Hitchhiker's guide to the universe"
at the search prompt of rocket software homepage.
       "Your search yielded no results"
Keep going.   You can limit the product families to "U2". (Although I
don't think that really does anything.)  Nada.
Tell me how long it takes to find it.

Try to find out what particular error codes mean.

Known issues and the release where they are fixed are buried in some
help file you can get to only by looking up particular releases in a
product matrix and downloading the entire help file.
At least, that's the only way I've found.

Do you have to do that for Lnux? MS? HP? any other software product you
I used a new MS backup tool to backup a Win8 server & its virtual
servers.  I got an error code.  I am decidedly not a windows
administrator.  But on 1st attempt I found a useable MS answer.

I rely on this u2-list.  It's quicker to post a question here than wade
through RS looking for anything.
A couple weeks ago I couldn't remember syntax for the old, arcane
"Revise".  Posted the q here & got 2 answers.

On 2/20/2014 8:05 PM, wrote:
It is on the Tech Connect website.  You might need a u2tc login to get to
the product matrix.

Then enter Product desired, and OS:

R. Baker Hughes
Senior UV DBA, Wipro/NMG

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why can the download for the U2 clients not be easy to find on the web

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