OH, NO the "where is it" was very helpful..

but the underlying issue is exactly on point - why is it not easy to get to.

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 9:37 AM, Charles Stevenson <stevenson.c...@gmail.com
> wrote:

> The question was "Why can't it be easy to find?"
> not "Where is it?"
> Searching Rocket website is difficult.
> The other day someone on this list was searching for Tech support
> Survivor's guide.
> Did he find it?  We were told he needed a 2UBC login to get to it.  Not
> for the riffraff.
> Try finding Mark Baldridge's "Hitchhiker's Guide To UniVerse", which
> should be required reading.
> Go to www.rocketsoftware.com  homepage & enter some variants of
>     "Hitchhiker's guide to the universe"
> at the search prompt of rocket software homepage.
>      "Your search yielded no results"
> Keep going.   You can limit the product families to "U2". (Although I
> don't think that really does anything.)  Nada.
> Tell me how long it takes to find it.
> Try to find out what particular error codes mean.
> Known issues and the release where they are fixed are buried in some help
> file you can get to only by looking up particular releases in a product
> matrix and downloading the entire help file.
> At least, that's the only way I've found.
> Do you have to do that for Lnux? MS? HP? any other software product you
> use?
> I used a new MS backup tool to backup a Win8 server & its virtual servers.
>  I got an error code.  I am decidedly not a windows administrator.  But on
> 1st attempt I found a useable MS answer.
> I rely on this u2-list.  It's quicker to post a question here than wade
> through RS looking for anything.
> A couple weeks ago I couldn't remember syntax for the old, arcane
> "Revise".  Posted the q here & got 2 answers.
> On 2/20/2014 8:05 PM, baker_hug...@neimanmarcus.com wrote:
>> It is on the Tech Connect website.  You might need a u2tc login to get to
>> the product matrix.
>> https://u2tc.rocketsoftware.com/matrix.asp
>> Then enter Product desired, and OS:
>> https://u2tc.rocketsoftware.com/buildmatrix.asp
>> Regards,
>> R. Baker Hughes
>> Senior UV DBA, Wipro/NMG
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>> To:     U2 Users List <u2-users@listserver.u2ug.org>,
>> Date:   02/20/2014 11:00 AM
>> Subject:        [U2] wasted time on rs.com
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>> why can the download for the U2 clients not be easy to find on the web
>> site?!?!?
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