Hi Peter 

Sounds like an interested piece of work, just a couple of questions for you:

- what sort of data volumes and update frequencies are involved?

- do you need to know if the data has been successfully committed to the remote 
UV database?

- did you consider SQL BCI or even UV/Net (read the different UV versions is an 
issue and so this may be a constraint)

Gregor mentioned SQL BCI as an alternative interface - I've used that before to 
exchange data between systems and it works well. If you had the same UV version 
on both hosts - then UV/Net is simple effect way of transmitting data between 
UV systems with only licenses required on the remote system. 

With BCI you could utilise the Stored Procedure facility via an ExecDirect() 
call to push the data to the remote system in your UV file trigger. 

With UV/Net you could "push" the items to be copied the by your UV file trigger 
- thus the updates being written directly onto the remote host. 

BCI is free/included in UV and of course will utilise a license on the remote 
host. You need to write your own custom code. Probably a bit easier to maintain 
than any TCP/IP sockets based interface. Definitely a lot easier to 
troubleshoot ;-) ! YMMV.

UV/Net is licensed on the number user connections on the remote host.

Hence the above alternative as designed to eliminate the file-based queue - 
which in some instances by be desirable to maintain - depending on business, 
technical or operational needs/objections.


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Hi Everyone,

A project that I’m currently working on requires transmission of transactional 
and ancillary data from one UV site to site to another.
I have the communications all set up and it is working very well via the UV 
socket functions with a client at one end and a server at the other.
Both the client and the server both run as a UV phantom processes written in UV 
basic and the data being transferred (also encrypted) is more or less real time 
with various UV file triggers on the client end creating queue items for 
transmission based on the data content / transaction type.

This set up is a single threaded affair and I am wondering how it will cope and 
what options I’ll have as the volume of data increases.

Multi-threading my server process to dish out some of the load might be one 
possibility and I’ve seen examples in the past where the last digit of a 
numeric key (i.e. 0-9) is used to determine which one of 10 phantoms to call 
thus providing an effective distribution of the work.

But even then, reading/writing processing data to a file for each child process 
seems to me to be the only way to achieve parent <-> child phantom 
communications at either end. Is there another way perhaps? It may be that I 
will need 2 sets of phantoms, 1 for the transactions and one for the ancillary 
data. Although we run UV on AIX the only other requirement is that I must be 
able to do it within UV Basic.

Does anyone out there on the list know of a better way or any 
alternatives/advice so I can get a better appreciation of what else might be 
possible please?

Many thanks in advance,

Peter Cheney
Ultracs Developer
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