On 07/03/14 06:59, Peter Cheney wrote:
> Some of the other constraints were: no access allowed to the remote unirpc 
> port, the remote UV is below 10.3 and different from ours, neither site has a 
> UV/Net licence in prod. So I think I'm pretty much stuck with file queuing 
> and multiple phantoms for now at least.

Can you mount a remote directory?

Because my immediate idea was if the source computer can write to a
directory on the target, the target computer can declare it as a type 1

And if the source computer also declares it as a type 1, it can dump its
records into this directory for the target to pick up.

If you're worried about the target trying to read them before they're
fully saved, simply put a datestamp in the key, and the target just does
a select for all records older than, say, one minute, then processes and
deletes them.

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