Very possible if you're using a terminal emulator that will pass through mouse codes and an input routine that can be taught to interpret them. The biggest problem I had with that was that old-school users wanted to Enter from field to field, and Windows users wanted to Tab from field to field, and Enter to submit the page. I just told them to get out the boxing gloves and whoever won would get their way. :-)

IMHO, the assistant director is very short-sighted and will move on to something else when it all hits the fan.

Good luck!
Charlie Noah

Tiny Bear Wild Bird Store
Home of "Safety Net Shipping"
Toll Free: 1-855-TinyBear (855-846-9232)

On 03-10-2014 5:54 PM, dale kelley wrote:
While I know that mouseable screens provide no improvement in functionality I would try to keep it at least "as good" as it is. Old users could still use the keyboard but them "winders" people could click their way. Is that possible?

On 03/10/2014 05:09 PM, Allen Elwood RR wrote:

imho, mousing up just leads to disability claims about mouse shoulder...

a tax preparation service who shall go unnamed has a hideous package that *cannot change fields* unless you use the mouse, which means every time you type you have to reach over and grab the damn thing to go to the next field

i cannot tell you how many times i had to rub my wife's shoulder with bengay before she finally quit - took five years for the lump in the middle of her shoulder blade to heal

On 3/10/2014 2:11 PM, Dale Kelley wrote:
This is mostly for you folks who are contractors but I'd be happy to hear from anyone. I have a customer, Nashville Metropolitan Government, for whom
I have provided flea market reservation/registration and buiding event
rental software. (UniVerse.) I am a 1 man shop. I look both ways before I cross the street and so far its worked out. But the issue of continuation of development and support has come up for a second time; along with it the nature of my character based software and some reactions to UviVerse as a
product.  This is an email from the assistant director of the Nashville

"Subject: ITS Help Selecting New Software
Importance: High
Our Flea Market and Corporate Sales components have been utilizing
proprietary software that is ancient, and without documentation for many years. It has not been supported by ITS, and there is only one known person in the Tennessee area that can serviced this software. With the upgrade to Windows 7, it will not operate. Obviously, we need to purchase a package that will provide the functionality we need and that can be supported by
ITS. I am requesting a meeting, with the appropriate ITS staff at the
earliest possible time; to identify our needs and possible software packages
that can be installed."

He is incorrect in most of his conclusions, but this is his perception. I
have left behind a number of great systems that are now defunct because
management viewed them as "ancient". Does anyone else meet this attitude?
My customer defended the system with the following email.

Who said our software was ancient?  It is not, it aids in insuring the
revenue stream for both Flea Market and Facility Rental, you are correct that the software is serviced by one individual since he wrote the program, his name is Dale Kelley and he has other members on his team that know the software in the event something happens to him. As far as the upgrade to
Windows 7 who said that it will not operate?  This is certainly not the
case, the software can be updated to run with minimal effort.  You can
contact Dale Kelley if you like, I have copied him on this e-mail.
Thank you for your time

Deborah's defense included a small lie about the "members of my team"; I'm
it.  This system is written entirely in BASIC; no procs, no scripts.  I
always have the source code on the system; it's theirs to use as they wish. I would be happy to provide it for review. My question: is there anyone who would have any interest in taking over this and another government customer
if I should become defunct or inoperable?  I know there are some great
people in Tennessee, but these guys could be supported from anywhere.

I would also appreciate any advice on products and time required to mouse up the screens and present non-ancient images. I intend to arrenge a meeting with the Assistant Director to attempt to address his concerns and see if I
can sell some services.


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