AccuTerm has some features that let you add mousing to green-screen apps. One is pattern-based and requires no changes in the app. You define a list of relevant patterns and when the user clicks on one, some action takes place. For example, if your text screen prompts are in the form of 1) xxxx 2) xxx, you can define a pattern like "a blank followed by one or two digits followed by an open parenthesis followed by a blank", and define a click action to send the digits followed by a RETURN. There is also direct mouse support - turn on the mouse input using an escape sequence and when the user clicks, it looks to the app like a function key followed by a cursor position. The U2 app needs to associate the position with an appropriate action. You can also use AccuTerm's "visual styles" to give a green-screen app a GUI-like appearance. Visual styles are triggered by screen attributes (reverse, dim, underline, etc.).

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