With interavtive screens, mouse action allow you to skip over fields. This will 
make your actions coded behind fields not being executed. To have mouse, you 
need inactive screens where the actions is place on the after screen validation 
rather than field validation. This is the main reason for mouse not being 
implemented in old text base terminal interfaces.

Lately systems are written where a screen will provide information as a 
transaction to a process that will then update the database. This allow for 
"Front-end" development to have there own validation and pass the "transaction" 
to the process to update the database. Transactions in this case is a record 
with a header and data. The header tell the update process what to do with the 
data and update the files based on that. Tipically a transaction file with a 
trigger program (in D3 it is a callx placed in the file dict) that run whenever 
a record land in the file.

This is the main mis-understanding of modern day applications (Your front-end 
client with a remote back-end) and old legacy apps (direct interface). Normally 
a re-write is the only solution.

begin case
case header = "update master" ; gosub updatemaster
case header = "add client" ; gosub addclient
End case

Groete, Regards,
Christo van Rooyen
GT - Systems Analyst / Designer II - Nedbank Limited
Mobile: 082 925 6301

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This is mostly for you folks who are contractors but I'd be happy to hear from 
anyone.  I have a customer, Nashville Metropolitan Government, for whom I have 
provided flea market reservation/registration and buiding event rental 
software. (UniVerse.)  I am a 1 man shop.  I look both ways before I cross the 
street and so far its worked out.  But the issue of continuation of development 
and support has come up for a second time; along with it the nature of my 
character based software and some reactions to UviVerse as a product.  This is 
an email from the assistant director of the Nashville

"Subject: ITS Help Selecting New Software
Importance: High
Our Flea Market and Corporate Sales components have been utilizing proprietary 
software that is ancient, and without documentation for many years.  It has not 
been supported by ITS, and there is only one known person in the Tennessee area 
that can serviced this software. With the upgrade to Windows 7, it will not 
operate.  Obviously, we need to purchase a package that will provide the 
functionality we need and that can be supported by ITS. I am requesting a 
meeting, with the appropriate ITS staff at the earliest possible time; to 
identify our needs and possible software packages that can be installed."

He is incorrect in most of his conclusions, but this is his perception.  I have 
left behind a number of great systems that are now defunct because management 
viewed them as "ancient".  Does anyone else meet this attitude? 
My customer defended the system with the following email.

Who said our software was ancient?  It is not, it aids in insuring the revenue 
stream for both Flea Market and Facility Rental, you are correct that the 
software is serviced by one individual since he wrote the program, his name is 
Dale Kelley and he has other members on his team that know the software in the 
event something happens to him.  As far as the upgrade to Windows 7 who said 
that it will not operate?  This is certainly not the case, the software can be 
updated to run with minimal effort.  You can contact Dale Kelley if you like, I 
have copied him on this e-mail. 
Thank you for your time

Deborah's defense included a small lie about the "members of my team"; I'm it.  
This system is written entirely in BASIC; no procs, no scripts.  I always have 
the source code on the system; it's theirs to use as they wish. 
I would be happy to provide it for review.  My question: is there anyone who 
would have any interest in taking over this and another government customer if 
I should become defunct or inoperable?  I know there are some great people in 
Tennessee, but these guys could be supported from anywhere.

I would also appreciate any advice on products and time required to mouse up 
the screens and present non-ancient images.  I intend to arrenge a meeting with 
the Assistant Director to attempt to address his concerns and see if I can sell 
some services.


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