Then, someone did the following for D3.

It's really too bad this isn't how U2 provides documentation, as it'd get indexed all over the internet, which would be good marketing, maybe. :-)


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I assume you're talking about UV? Define 'improved'?

It could be improved by actually having all the commands, options and functions 
in it first. Even the PDF versions are missing information....  :)

However, if you want another/"better" built-in HELP facility for your own 
purposes...PIHELP may help you (it offers paging back, sub-topics, indexing, etc.)...

If so, take a look at PIHELP (TCL verb) and SHOW.HELP (subroutine "-SHOW") which is a port of 
the Prime INFORMATION help which has 'hypertext' (sub-topics) and paging (back/forwards). In PI, there 
was also a subroutine you could call (rather than "EXECUTE PIHELP <subject>". It has own 
format where you can specify the help file source and sub-topics indexed based on keywords in the 
topic/help message, like this in field/line one:


An index on the help file would on the above field allow "PHELP ABOUT <keyword>". The 
"FROM" key word lets you specify you own help file.

It is better than the native UV HELP in some respects and utilises the default "SYS.HELP" file 
or your own (if required). I did note that there is no indices for the SYS.HELP file, so the "PIHELP 
ABOUT <topic>" function doesn't work...the required I-type dictionary item to parse the help 
records appears to be missing from the dictionary of SYS.HELP (Rocket Support should be able to assist 

  The source is in APP.PROGS (PIHELP.B and SHOW.HELP.B) - good luck! I guess it has been 
"ported over" for PI/open users that used this facility for their own 

The U2 Tools have built online help too - which are handy. If you use them - 
I'd encourage all newcomers to use these tools and similar commercial products 
to supplement the built-in native command-line tools (aka terminal shell 


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Does anyone have an improved version of the TCL command HELP ?

Are there any wiki's or anything that comprise all of the HELP text and perhaps 
more ?

I sometimes use it, sometimes use the PDFs and sometimes just google.

I think it would be a great resource were there a better solution.

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