This will be the abbreviated version, but if you're in the area please 
check our website for details.
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*** Two Prizes *** Count them
a) Just for registering early - by midnight Thursday - you will be entered 
in a drawing for a Full Conference pass to International Spectrum coming 
in April
b) Door Prize - a nice Tablet will be given away by Tom Loveless to one 
fortunate attendee - that will have some nifty Rocket tools on it {data 
plan not included}

What we will cover: (details for those interested)
Rocket Aldon Life Cycle Management (ALM) simplifies application 
development.  Rocket Software’s ALM solutions help simplify software 
development by providing you with the infrastructure to automate 
everything that happens from the moment a change request comes up until 
the time you deliver your solution into production.  Come to the meeting 
and see Aldon demonstrated with development based on a U2 database.
Rocket R/Link ‐ An FTP replacement and secure file sharing solution.  With 
R/Link, anyone can share files with multiple users or groups, easily 
invite new users, set security and access settings and fully control who 
sees what.  Collaborate with people both inside and outside the 
organization, with full security, control, and audit trails for all 
activity.  Come to the meeting to learn more.
Rocket NetCure provides 24/7 management of networks, servers, and 
applications.  From its autodiscovery and mapping features to its root 
cause analysis of an outage, NetCure helps keep your network running, 
reduces downtime, and is the only product of its kind that is U2-aware.  
Rocket CorVu NG provides the technology to create and deploy reports, 
dashboards and graphs.  Users are given unprecedented access to enterprise 
data using intuitive and dynamic dashboards and reports.  Real-time data 
access and interactive drill downs provide the right information ‐ at the 
moment it’s needed ‐ to desktop, web, or mobile users.
Hope these synopses help.  Please let me know if you need any more detail.
Per our discussion earlier today, my overall plan will be to provide a 
PowerPoint presentation of some details of the D3 acquisition by Rocket 
Software, high-level U2 Roadmaps for the databases and tools including 
introductions to Rocket R/Link, NetCure, and CorVu NG, and an intro and 
demo of Rocket Aldon Life Cycle Management.  I’ll make it all fit in 
whatever timeframe we have.
Thanks for your help organizing all this, Baker.  It will be good to see 
you again, and I’m looking forward to the meeting.
Tom Loveless
Sales Engineer
Rocket Software
4600 South Ulster, Suite 1100 ● Denver, CO  80237  USA

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