On 29/03/14 23:07, Charlie Noah wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I have another somewhat OT need. My wife and I both have Lexmark 6150
> multifunction printers. We use both the printing and scanning functions.
> Copying is internal to the printer, so that still works, and we don't
> need the fax capability (we have an internet solution for that so long
> as we can scan documents). I don't even remember what the 5th function
> is, so we probably don't need it.
> The problem is that I have moved to Win7 32 bit, and my wife will very
> soon. Our printers aren't supported by Win7 and there are no drivers
> available. Mine will print fairly well, but the print jobs won't close.
> The multifunction software which came with the printers and is needed
> for the scanner will not work on Win7.
> These printers work fine, and we hate to just dispose of them, because
> of the environmental impact (even recycling -it's good to be green), and
> because we just can't afford to buy new printers. To get the functions
> we need will cost somewhere between $60-$150 each. $60 is very low-end.
> We are both disabled and have very minimal income.
> Does anyone out there know of any software to enable the scanning
> function, and/or a driver that will make the printer work better?
Windows 7 Professional? That has a compatibility mode to run XP
software, so it SHOULD run your scanner software okay. If you've got 7
Home, sorry you're out of luck there.

I've seen the other post that may work better though.

But I would ask why you have two printers? Is it because they are only
USB printers? I know you don't have much money to buy a new printer, but
we got a Dell 1355 plus four sets of cartridges for about £250. Maybe
you can find a similiar deal (it was "buy 4 sets of cartridges, get a
free printer", and at £20 a laser cartridge, that's cheap!). That said,
you can tell the printer's cheap and cheerful, when the cartridges run
out we'll probably dump it and buy another one the same way...

Look at the spec for this laser ...
Especially under scanning features where it says SMB.

If you can find an mfp like that it's wireless, so you'll only need one
to share. That SMB means you push scans from the scanner to the
computer, rather than running a program to pull them.

The other thing is, I don't know what you've got around you by way of
charities. I'm planning to apply to one of our local charities for £2000
worth of camera gear! If you've got the same sort of thing near you they
might well buy you a modern new printer.

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