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We are a Unidata shop.

Our core product is currently written in SB+ with a Java Servlet/JSP web
interface that uses Redback (and some UniObjects).
This app is being re-written in DesignBais but will still have a section
(Employee Self Service) written in Java Servlets, UOJ, and Angular JS.

Our core product is a mission critical Payroll/HR application for the
PEO industry (Employment outsourcing the in USA).  We also sell and
build a variety of other products for the PEO industry that integrate
with or support the core product.

With the exception of a small PostGres database in one of the add-on
products, there is no SQL spoken here.  Most everything is stored in
Unidata.  We've recently merged with one of our partner companies who
uses the eXist XML database.  As we integrate the products over the next
year or two, that data (eXist and Postgres) will be moved to Unidata.

Also, outside of Unidata/UniBasic, Java is the main technology used for
building solutions here.  This was the case long before Oracle bought
out Sun.  Other than relying heavily on Java we don't use any Oracle

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On Fri, 2014-03-28 at 15:55 -0400, jeffrey Butera wrote:
> Does anyone know much about FW Davidson
> They came across my radar and I see references to Unidata along with SQL 
> and Oracle.  Just curious if anyone know precisely what solution(s) they 
> run on Unidata...

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