This is pretty much why one builds a single update trigger program and a single delete trigger program. Then, from within those subroutines, call(s) are made to the actual subroutines that do something. This way, you can actually use "local" subroutines to do trigger work.


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If the program being called by the trigger is catalogued globally and that 
program was changed by an installation, you need to drop the trigger and re-add 
it otherwise it will fail when the trigger is called.

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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd post a solution to a recent problem to do with a file trigger 
that was driving me up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other side...

I'd made a mod to a particular file trigger to write to an item to a new file 
and all of a sudden the unirpcd started complaining with this error:

IBMU2.UODOTNET.UniSubroutineException: [IBM U2][UODOTNET - 
UNICLIENT][ErrorCode=30107] The subroutine failed to complete successfully
    at IBMU2.UODOTNET.UniSubroutine.Call()
 subroutineName, String[] arguments, Boolean logRequest, Boolean logResponse)

Searching around the usual haunts I found a few similar questions but nothing 
that answered my issue. Am still not entirely sure what other conditions this 
error 30107 covers but if you ever get this error then I recommend you check 
the file permissions of any newly created files that your code/modification is 
trying to write to.


Peter Cheney
Ultracs Developer
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