Thanks for the reply. 

The file was not corrupted or broken. We ended up rebooting the server and 
everything was perfect after that. 

I have never seen LISTF gag like that. It makes me wonder if there was some 
kind of fatal embrace at the Unix level, or something. 

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Hi Mark,
Try running
 fixtool  -file DY.FLE 
>From unix level to see if the file is Really corrupted or not. 
If it is, you can run the above command with a -fix option. 
I have never had a problem with this option but it should still be used with 
Also you can check for file and group locks by using LIST.READU ALL EVERY from 
uniVerse level


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On 23 Apr 2014, at 2:18, "Hennessey, Mark F." <> wrote:

UV 10.2, Solaris 10.

Uh, oh... I just executed a LISTF command against a 64 bit dynamic file. I 
started to get the expected result:

Filename........................... Pathname...................... Type Modulo

DICT DY.FLE                         /hist/DICTS/D_DY.FLE             30      1

.... But no listing for the data file.

An analyze.file command came back OK, a second running with the STATS came back 
as well.

It's been a long time since I've had to deal with LOCK issues - any ideas?

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