Both consuming web services (soap and otherwise) from within uv and serving
as a web service  have been in uv for years and years.

Consuming is done within data basic - see the extensions manuals.
Serving is done either using and creating a .net or java
webservice (my preference), or using the u2 web services tool.

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I have been telling my manager (an Oracle-centric guy) that with Universe
11+  (we have 10.2 now) the web services will truly allow us to do input and
output interfacing with other web services.  I need to make sure this is a
correct understanding.

It is clear from the Web Services manual that one can create a web service
(a SOAP service) which will allow outside queries and return data.  I write
to this list to ask those of you who know that it is possible to do the
other way, that from Universe you are able to connect to outside web
services, send queries to them, and get back responses.  Because I don't see
this in the Web manual.   

If the latter is not possible via the Web services capabilities built into
Universe, how are any of you doing it?  Do you need a 3rd-party product?

Here is the data need:  We are to interface our Jail system to another
system via an ESB (electronic services bus) via 'web services', passing XML.

Harold Oaks
Clark County, WA

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