I'm just curious why you use mailman as opposed to majordomo.



On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 01:10, Moderator wrote:
> Welcome Back, everyone!
> The new list server is active for:
>       datastage-users
>       u2-community
>       u2-users
> I have loaded the member lists and tried to preserve your regular/digest 
> option. With the many good features we gain with the new mailing list 
> manager (Mailman), we do lose one feature--an address can be regular 
> postings or digest, but not both. I noticed that some people had 
> subscribed to both under the old server (ezmlm-idx). If you are one of 
> those folks, I have let the digest option on your subscription take 
> precedence. If you want to receive the moment-by-moment postings 
> instead, you can use the instructions sent in the welcome message to go 
> to your options page on the website and select that mode.
> Your options page is at:
>       http://www.oliver.com/mailman/options/<list_name>
> You will need to enter your email address and password. If you have lost 
> your password, just enter your email address, go to the bottom of the 
> page, and click the "Remind" button. Your password will be mailed to you.
> Please let me know at [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you have any problems. 
> Hopefully, I have everything configured correctly. (It worked during 
> testing <grin!>.) But as will all new ventures, there is a learning 
> curved. I appreciate your patience if I need to adjust some things over 
> the next couple of weeks.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Clif
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