Ed, the data that needs to be in the CSV is:
        "one" : char(10) : "two"

The character Excel uses is indeed a LF, not a CR or CRLF.  When you open
Excel, you will still see a square rather than multiple lines.  To remove
the square, you need to set the WrapText property of the cells in question
(or the whole sheet) to True.

You can automate that with a macro or a COM Add-in, you can't manipulate the
worksheet from CSV data, even with embedded formulas.  It seems to me you
don't mind doing manual processes, as in order to see your multiline data
you will need to manually reset the size of the rows in question anyway.

For what it's worth, my NebulAnalysis software does all this automatically
with BASIC code directly from a MV app.  See these pages if you're
and for an audio/video demo:


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>Subject: UD Coding a 'Hard Carriage Return" for an Excel file
>I am creating a tab-delimted file with and xls extension that 
>excel is very happy to open.  I would like to create a cell 
>that has line-breaks or Hard-Carriage-Returns in them.  You 
>can accomplish this manually by pressing
>ALT+ENTER while entering data into a cell.  I belive the character is 
>same as what you get in MSWORD when you hold the ALT key and 
>enter 0010.  
>Here is a snippet of the code that I am using:
>284:       TAB=CHAR(9) ; CR=CHAR(13) ; LF=CHAR(10) ; CRLF=CR:LF
>285:      *---- ----*
>286:       HDR=SOURCE:TAB
>287:       HDR:=\=\:QUOTE(INVOICE):TAB  ; * to force excel to 
>see this as
>288:       HDR:=CUST:TAB
>289:      *---- ADDRESS ----*
>290:         *---- set Line Break character ----*
>291: *        LB=CHAR(1034) ; * CHAR(10) + CHAR(1024) - ALT KEY
>292: *        LB=CR   ; * CHAR(13)
>293: *        LB=CRLF ; * CHAR(13) : CHAR(10)
>294:          LB=LF   ; * CHAR(10)
>295:          ADDR=NAME:LB
>296:          IF LEN(AD1) THEN ADDR:=AD1:LB
>297:          IF LEN(AD2) THEN ADDR:=AD2:LB
>298:          IF LEN(ATTN) THEN ADDR:=ATTN:LB
>299:          ADDR:=CITY:", ":ST:"  ":ZIP
>300:          HDR:=QUOTE(ADDR):TAB
>301:       END ELSE
>302:          HDR:=NAME:TAB
>303:       END
>When I manually enter data into a cell and press ALT+ENTER for 
>a hard-carriage-return, then copy and paste that cell into 
>notepad, I see a square non-printable character where the 
>carriage-returns were.  When I look at that square in a hex 
>viewer, its 0A or ASCII 10, char(10), the line feed character.
>When I run the above code then open the file in excel and look 
>at the cell, it seems to work, however, now there is a visible 
>square right where I put the char(10)'s!  I get the same 
>result when I use CRLF as well.  When I use CR only, it 
>doesn't wrap at all.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Also - I am only receiving the Digest, but I want to receive 
>all postings (and the Digest).  I went to the site and my 
>settings look ok.  My IE cookie setting is medium, but that's 
>what it's always been.  If someone could tell me how to get 
>all mailings that would be appreciated also!
>Thanks in advance. 
>Ed Burwell
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