Try checking the .error property on your file object.

UmFooFoo Murphy wrote:

Hello List.

I'm hoping that someone out there can help me. I have an application in Visual Basic that uses UniObjects. There is a text box that prompts for a record id. In the lost focus event of the record id's text box, I am opening a file, reading a record, and populating all of the other text boxes on the form. At the end of the SUB, it closes the file, and disconnects from the ObjSession. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong!

The first pass through goes fine. I enter an ID and the boxes are populated. However, when I go back to enter a second record id, it appears that the .OPENFILE method in the lost focus event fails. The FileObj is set to NOTHING. However, the .ERROR property of the ObjSession is set to 0 (zero) so it also seems that no error occurred.

Either way, I cannot use the File Object as all of the subsequent methods of the File Object fails.

I have searched the UVDocs documentation and, according to it, I am using all of the objects and methods correctly.

Universe on NT

Thanks, in advance, for any help that anyone can offer.

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